LOSE WEIGTH (Book paper)

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By Juan Pablo Álvarez A.
Soft cover, 556 pages, ISBN: 978846975347x

How to treat an issue that complies your life.
Weight is exceptional, surprising, it develops through arguments with solid reflections of investigation, sociological, historical, metaphors and real facts that will hook you in an unusual way while entertaining.
It shows you everything there is to know in a highly effective and clear way of exposing the methodology of how to lose weight.
It makes it easy for you to understand the author’s total proposal.
On Nutrition, Dietetics and Food.
This unusual work unleashes a wide mosaic of positive events, read them and apply them.
They will lead you to lose weight and be happy before the mirror.



The author, Juan Pablo Álvarez, Chemical engineer, Advises, researches, formulates and creates products for companies related to health, pharmaceutical and food, among others, aimed at social consumption.
Currently, it develops new foods for people affected by disturbances in the metabolism of carbohydrates such as diabetics.
Finalist in Idea of the European Center of Companies and Innovation of Aragon. Spain with the project "A chemical process to manufacture a vegetable aggregate". Being selected also for the Rolex awards, Switzerland to the Initiative to the innovative projects of the human welfare coming from all over the world. Projects focused on the future to make the world a better.
"We not only need to know about science but beyond science" (The author)

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Soft cover






Mayo 2018





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